Porsche 924, Built in 78, Motor 2litre-Four-Cylinder Audi/VW Model


In very good condition generally for a car built in 78, most time parked in a garage and has been rarely used, that means about 100.000 kilemeters (Stopped ar 85.000 because counter is not working).

Some parts of the surface mended and visible uneven parts only at the wings, generally just small paint damages, rust at supporting frame harmless. TÜV (technical surveillance) admission til June 2006, ASU (combustion test) til May (2005).

Four-Cylinder 2 litre motor, typical loss of oil and cooling liquid of a veteran, but no leaks. All replacement parts still available, because Motor is a VW-Audi Standard-Model. New battery and distribution devices.

Cockpit displays for motor temparature, oil state, gas, cylinder pressure, revolution speed, speed, clock, batterie level, all working fine except kilometer counter and radio are out of order (but repairable).

gear 4-speed after 100.000 km no signs of attrition.

Alarm lights, switches, indicator, ventilator, washer (as well rear, heating wires), lights and electronic generally at full function.

Model in original state with only one exterior mirror left. Aerial electronically up/down-moving (added later), without sunroof.

2 seats with 2 small back seats for short distances or smaller Persons.

Light-generator and exhaust parts have been renewed 1.5 years before, interrupter renewed 2 months before, original parts. Tyres sommer+winter inclusive, after 2 / 3 years not much used. damper renewed 5 years before.

Further information: color silver metallic (7), 92 kW / 125 HS, weight empty 1080 kg, max. 1400 kg, first day of admission 30.05.1978.