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xwb xffm HiFluX Raytracing



Product Xwb (X-window-workbench)     [Screenshot]
Current version 3.1. Currently working on new xwb2, based on qt
Last date of change May 2003
Description Tool for editing source files of any programming language and text processor. Behaviour for compiling and executing the target file is set up individually by recognizing the file name extension.
Any type of file type characterisation can be added;
The following file types are already predefined:

MAKE, C, C++, Java, TeX/LaTeX, POV, HTML, CSH and PERL.
Readme documents as well as X-Icons/Compressed images.

A parser for compiler error messages enables efficient software development; multiple-file editing is provided for projects.

Problems may occur due to conflicts of Xview and the kde window manager (the Xview library is a nearly expired library meanwhile); runs best with window-managers like fvwm, twm.

The next version will be based on qt, which works much better with newer X11 versions.

Author Michael Sohmen
Platform X-window-system. Compiled it on Linux and Sun/Solaris so far.
Port to AIX HPUX possible (?).
Required libraries Xlib (X) and Xview
Changes redesign


alternate sites


preview of xwb2, based on qt and planned to replace xwb:

xwb2-pre5.tgz [Screenshot]





Product Xffm (X-window-floating-file menu)     [Screenshot]
Current version 1.0
Last date of change 21.07.97

Window menu reading in the standard fvwm resource files and
creating an file-cabinet-like menu instead of the usual cascaded popup menu. At first only the zero-hierarchie title of the file-sheets is visible. When you move the mouse on it, the sheets is lifted slightly - after selecting it with the mouse button, it displays the menu.

Concept can be included in a window manager.

Author Michael Sohmen
Platform Any X-window-system
Required libraries Xlib
Changes -- first version --
Availibility xffm-1.0.tgz


Product HiFluX (database-d management & workflow application, web-based)
Current version alpha
Last date of change July 1999

System to create Database tables and forms that are functionally dependent. Everything is possible to create from simple forms to workflows with function for noting recipients by E-Mail, administrative pages are included.
The tool to create is just a Web-browser, the designer needs knowledge in SQL, but doesn't need to create script funtions or HTML It offers default form views but can as well as include templates if necessary.

Author Michael Sohmen
Platform Perl, CGI supporting http-Server
Required libraries Perl including CGI and DBInterface
Changes -- alpha version --
Availibility hiflux-alpha-2.tgz




Product raytrace
Current version none
Last date of change Summer '92
Description Raytracing application bases on DOS (written long ago) using C++-classes for objects plane and sphere, simulating mirror-like reflection and diffuse reflection and is (in contrary to my other apps) well structured. Objects are defined in the sourcecode as data structures.
Author Michael Sohmen
Platform DOS to run, M$-C++ to compile, but can easily be ported to Linux-SVGAlib
Availibility raytrace.cpp the source

raytrace.exe the binary